Abortion, a complicated subject

Abortion is a very difficult subject, one in which the Legal System is very standoffish at making rulings on unborn children as they do not want to make legal precedents.

My personal view is that victims of abuse/rape and children who have been sexually assaulted should most definitely should be given the option but people who just cant be bothered have other options. Rape Victims should not be forced to carry their rapists children as it can add to the PTSD, and mental health issues and be increasing number of back door abortions and suicides.

President Trump

I may not agree with Mr Trump on sum issues such as family planning however I do respect that he is able to do what he said he was going to do.

He said that he wanted to build a wall, he has set that in motion. He said he wanted to put into place a Muslim ban he did that. He may of been shut down but it doesnt mean that he didnt do it. He said he wanted to work on Illegal Immigrants and he is doing that. We are still bound here in the UK by the EU. We cant deport terrorists, and we cant ban people from the country.

Like I said, I dont agree with some things that Mr Trump says but I do respect him for voicing them and not being an empty suit saying he will do something and then not doing it.

Support Mental Health Rights

Hi all

Just to say I started a petition in the wake of the guilty verdict of the 19 paranoid schitsophrenic who stabbed some people whilsts having a break. In the UK there is not enough support for mental illness and there needs to be more.

Please sign my petition no matter where you are. Lets make the world stand upp and listen that mental illness can not be ignored any more.



I am so blessed

So I am starting a new chapter in my life in the sense that I have finally gotten work now and will be starting a new job on the 13th February. HAPPY DAYS!

In the last nearly two years I have been through so many ups and downs. Self loathing, apathy, depression, medical and mental issues but now I am finally coming through the other side.

I have had some wonderful people who have been so very supportive through this hard time and I have to say that I am very blessed to have such amazing friends and family who have helped look after me these past years.

Random Acts of Kindness

I have had, in the last couple of days, some major incidents of Random Acts of Kindness.

  1. I went to an interview for the MOD (Ministry of Defence) on Tuesday and it was at an RAF base. My GPS sent me to the wrong gate, by the way I was on foot. It turned out there were two gates on the same road. So I left the guard room thinking goodness more of a long walk only to be called from a car pulling up next to me. It was the guy who was getting keys from the guard room and he offered me a lift. I was so shocked and said thank you very much. We started talking in the car, and he also then told me he would be hiring and gave me his card.
  2. Wednesday I went to the chemist with my dad. The reason he wanted desperately to go out not important. He wanted me to come with him and we had to take the bus as I could not walk all the way down to his chemist due to my back. When we got on the bus we had a problem getting him on the bus with his scooter and that was when a lady climbed out of her seat got off the bus to help me give him a push. When we were getting off the bus the same lady got up to get me get him back off the bus. I wish I could of brought her a box of chocolates to be honest as it made my day.
  3. The bus driver on the return home was also amazing he was talking to us about where we were getting on and off. He told us that the bus was on divert and made sure that no one got on the bus until my dad had gotten off.

These last two days show me that there is good in people out there we just need more people who are willing to be a light in someones life rather than the darkness.

Why I am asking for help to raise the money for my flights

Someone said that it may come across that I am just asking people to give me £5,000 in one lump sum but I am not. Anything anyone can give to help me get these trips its welcome even if it is just £1.00.

Aside from being unemployed for so long I have to contend with my physical health. I have basically had to stop going to church because I cant walk there. I would have to leave very early just to go. If I go swimming I can only go when my mother can drive me as my local pool is to far away. I am basically house bound unless there is something specific I need to do so at the moment I cant do much. I am working on my back strength and my weight and am even buying back braces to help me walk for longer outside but it is still a struggle.

I nee help to raise the money for these trips so that I have something to aim for. These last two years especially have been extra hard on me what with my unemployement and my health. These trips would give me some hope again. Please if anyone can help Donate something, anything,

Much appreciated https://www.gofundme.com/important-events

My Thoughts on Trump ATM

I am wondering if Mr Trump is on a one man mission to piss off the world?

When he said he wanted to build a wall I said, there is a logical issue behind this which faces all countries which is immigration.

When he said his nastyness about women I said, as a woman we need to have thicker skin than men to be able to rise above it.

When he started being rude to journalist I laughed because well journalism is a fickle thing and well hey you gotta be able to give as much as you can take.

When he banned Muslims from the country I asked why background checks had been taken out of the CIAs hands.

But now he decides to make crude comments about our monachy. Whether he likes it or not Kate Windsor will one day be Queen of this country and there is nothing that can be said about it (unless she and Prince William get divorced) But as a Christian man who is married and supposidly faithful he should not be making comments like that. Britain is the only country that hasnt completly disowned him for his actions and then he goes and insults the monarchy which is part of the British back bone really?